Listings FAQ

What Should I Include?

# The most important things are to list the title and author in the “subject’ line of the listings interface.

# Next, leave a little comment to give pelple a flavor of the story (perhaps even why you like it). No spoilers though!

# If you can provide information about where readers can find the story, please include it in the main text section. This can be a website link or the name of an anthology. The more information you can give, the better. But please, no affiliate links.

# Enter the author or collection editor’s last name in the tags field to make it easier for readers to find new stories by an author they like.

# Please please please, assign the story to one or more categories. This is really important for making the directory useful to other readers.

#  Do not post full stories here. This is not a publishing site. It is a directory that links to stories published elsewhere. Full stories will be removed.

Can I List My Own Stories?

Only if they have been published by someone else.

(I’m a big fan of self-publishing but for this database I need stories that have been vetted and judged. Ack, I hate myself right now…)

Should I Add A Picture?

Probably not. Unless you’re using a cover image from an online bookstore, you’re probably violating someone’s copyright.

What If I See An Error in Someone Else’s Listings?

Please send an email to with a link to the offending page and the corrected information. If you’re a nitpicker who’s interested in becoming an editor, email with ‘editor’ in the subject line. And thanks!

Why Do I Have To Sign Up?

Only logged-in members can add listings. Your information will never be used for anything other than contacting you in the event of a problem with the site.