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The Stories of Ray Bradbury

A true grandmaster of the short story form. You have to read a few stories by Bradbury and this has a whopping 1112 pages of them: a hundred of his best stories selected by the author himself. Read it in The Stories of Ray Bradbury (Everyman’s Library, 2010, ISBN-10: 0307269051, ISBN-13: 978-0307269058)

The Fog Horn by Ray Bradbury

The ideas in Bradbury’s stories are wonderful and the worlds are fantastic or sometimes mundane and all of the experiences are deep and human, and the language..ah the language. This story is one of the more ‘mundane’, set on earth, in a lighthouse. Of course, it is much more fantastic than that… Bradbury is often More Info »

Ziggurat by Stephen O’Connor

The story of what happens when the Minotaur encounters a new arrival in his Labyrinth, a computer-savvy girl who affects him an an entirely unexpected way. Read it at .

The Women by Tom Barbash

The story of a young man left doubly orphaned by his mother’s death and his father’s actions after it. The story moves on through the first year of his grieving, of his new life. By the following winter, things have started to change for Andrew. This is a skillfully told story peopled by some engaging More Info »

Heart Of A Champion by T.C. Boyle

Funny, nostalgic, literary…”Heart of a Champion” takes the reader from the opening credits of a Lassie-like serial all the way to the end of the story. Satirical, thought-provoking, fun and beautifully written. Find it in “Stories” by T. C. Boyle, (Penguin Books, 1999, ISBN-10: 014028091X ISBN-13: 978-0140280913)

Vanilla Bright Like Eminem by Michel Faber

An American father experiences a moment of clarity w hill sitting with his family on a train, traveling through Scotland. Listen at Selected Shorts

A Priest In The Family by Colm Tóibín

Set in Ireland in the midst of the abuse scandals in the Catholic church, this is an excellent example of a quiet, literary story, that won’t lose readers who love a great character and a good ending.