Listing Category: Contemporary

Love is Power, Or Something Like That by A. Igoni Barrett

When it comes to love, things are not always what they seem. With humor and tenderness, Barrett introduces us to an utterly modern Nigeria, where desire is a means to an end, and love is a power as real as money. Published by Graywolf Press, 2013, ISBN: 978-1-55597-640-8

Spectacle by Susan Steinberg

In this inventive collection of linked stories, women confront loss and grief as they sift through the wreckage of their lives. Steinberg challenges conventional gender roles and subverts assumptions about narrative with a fierce, lyrical intensity, as these wounded women stand at the edge of disaster and risk it all to speak their sharpest secrets. More Info »

This Close by Jessica Francis Kane

Through twelve stories, some stand-alone, others woven with linked characters, Jessica Francis Kane’s This Close questions the tensions between friendship and neighborliness, home and travel, family and ambition. In writing filled with wit and humor and incredible poignancy, she deftly reveals the everyday patterns that, over time, can swerve a life off course. Published by More Info »

Portraits of a Few of the People I’ve Made Cry by Christine Sneed

Winner of the Grace Paley Prize in Short Fiction, 2009, nominated for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, first fiction category, long-listed in the Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award. Published by Bloomsbury (2013), ISBN-10: 162040045 ISBN-13: 978-1620400456

The Sun, The Moon, The Stars by Junot Diaz

The story takes us inside the head of a young Dominican guy with girl problems. The whole story is a subtle reflection on the difficulty of growing up, fitting in, finding your way, with one foot in two different communities, and in many cultures. But it’s all done with a light hand and extraordinary eloquence. More Info »

The Women by Tom Barbash

The story of a young man left doubly orphaned by his mother’s death and his father’s actions after it. The story moves on through the first year of his grieving, of his new life. By the following winter, things have started to change for Andrew. This is a skillfully told story peopled by some engaging More Info »

Orange by Neil Gaiman

When was the last time you read a story written in form of answers to a police interrogation? This story by Neil Gaiman unfolds gradually from the shallow answers given by a teenaged girl about her less-than-perfect homelife, to something much more complex and true. And funny and touching and hopeful and sad. Find it More Info »

Zombie Psychology by Sarina Dorie

Fun, entertaining entry in the burgeoning ‘zombie’ sub-genre. Read it at Untied Shoelaces Of The Mind.

After The Reign of Jimmy Carter by James Thrasher

A short story in six sentences. An example of how restrictions and limits can push a writer to reach for the unexpected. Find it at Six Sentences.

Heart Of A Champion by T.C. Boyle

Funny, nostalgic, literary…”Heart of a Champion” takes the reader from the opening credits of a Lassie-like serial all the way to the end of the story. Satirical, thought-provoking, fun and beautifully written. Find it in “Stories” by T. C. Boyle, (Penguin Books, 1999, ISBN-10: 014028091X ISBN-13: 978-0140280913)