Writers’ Anarchy: A Short Story Anthology

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“Writers’ Anarchy” is a fusion of wildly eclectic, amazing short stories by an international group of creative new talent. Rather than theme-based, these stories are a multi-genre representation of some of today’s hottest writers.

“Writers’ Anarchy” gives you stimulating, thought-provoking worlds to explore. Let your imagination take flight along with the unique characters, strange events and shocking endings shared inside these covers! From the riveting opening lines of “The Race of the Birdmen” and darker insights of “The Bell Tower”, to the tingling conclusion of “Here He Comes Again”, “Writers’ Anarchy” is a revolt against the usual boundaries of literary predictability.

Read it! You know you want to!

Available on Lulu: http://www.lulu.com/shop/earl-chessher/writers-anarchy/paperback/product-21006020.html (paperback $17.50, eBook $3.50-3.75)